Foam-rolling for Footballers

You are committed to leaving it all on the pitch.  You get ready to put up your best efforts and deliver it all.  This type of commitment is what separates the good players from the regular ones.  Giving your best means that you are willing ot invest time in training, training hard.  Your mind is down to it and you place your body on the line to achieve the goals you have set.  Everyone agrees that with great determination you can obtain great results.

Working out and training continuously are key to your athletic development.  Football is a sport that demands a high level of stamina on your body.  This endurance is only achieved through constant practice.   But constant practice puts a high demand on your muscles, joints, and bones. The constant trauma to a part of your body can actually bring injuries.  This is why it is important for your body to be in permanent tone, to avoid these injuries.  The best way to help stretch your muscles is through foam rolling.

Foam rollers come in a variety of sizes and shapes.  They are guaranteed to provide the kind of stretch needed to help you better perform.  Not only should you foam roll before a game but after a game.  Granted, you get very tired after a game, but a rather short session of foam rolling, especially on those trigger points, will avoid the formation of further muscle inflammations.

What are other benefits of foam rolling for footballers?  Let’s check them out:

  • Repetitive movements favor the formation of muscle knots.  This is basically the fascia, a tissue surrounding your muscles, building up and causing you discomfort and pain.  These knots then become trigger points, which are the points of interest when foam rolling.  The best way to go is to place the foam roller on the floor and put all your weight on it with your trigger points as points of contact.  Make repetitive rollings up and down, 20-30 times each time.
  • Any athlete serious about their performance and sport will want to have flexible muscles.  This allows them to be always ready on demand.  Foam rolling regularly, especially before and after a workout session, will develop muscles that at flexible and always ready for action.
  • Foam rolling also helps to your posture and keeps you away from pain.  These muscle knots can also develop due to bad postures.  By building strong, lean, and flexible muscles you are also encouraging a correct body posture
  • Your vertical jump can also be improved by constant rolling on your calves and thighs.  Continuous foam-rolling over these areas will help improve performance on quads and hamstrings.

The areas that more importantly need foam rolling in footballers are:

  • Calves
  • IT Bands
  • Quads
  • Glutes
  • Lower Back
  • Uppers Back

Fitness professionals would recommend about half a minute for rolling every muscle in one session.  Having flexible and strong muscles will not only depend on the amount of rolling you do but also on the quality of your foam roller. Make sure you purchase the best foam roller at the best price.  There is one that is suitable to you.

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