Facial Injuries in Football

injury_at_galaxy_at_earthquakes_2010-08-21_1In the sport of football, players don’t wear a lot of protection. A player’s face, although not directly involved in the sport, is very vulnerable to damage. It either gets hit hard by the ball or another player might hit it upon contact.

This is a possible risk with the commitment and passion players show on the pitch. They are willing to subject themselves to these risks for the sport they love. This is why players need to protect themselves from potential injuries and facial trauma.

Football players in Vancouver, Canada might want to consider being a regular at OrthoArts Vancouver. They offer complete Dento-Facial orthodontic services for players who experience facial trauma damage due to football.

All dento-facial cases are handled by professional dentists at OrthoArts. Fixing facial abnormalities are their specialty. The process may include tools and dental devices to fix the dental injury or perform a surgical procedure.

The diagnostic process for facial injuries in football may be finding any alignment problems on the jaw or the teeth of the player who sustained the injury. It also takes into account any abnormalities on the player’s facial structure after the injury happened.

A treatment plan will then be formulated to ensure that all the proper procedures are followed to fix the problem. It will include administering both orthodontic and dentofacial orthopedic methods depending on the extent of the facial damage.

Players can also have consultations in the clinic to ensure that the injury they fixed is monitored or advice on some protective gear they can wear for their teeth or face that the doctors can recommend. It’s a holistic approach for football players actively participating in their sport.

Facial injuries are an accepted part of the sport by football players. But with today’s dentofacial treatments weekend warriors to professional football players can now go all out in their sport because they are assured of great dental care with OrthoArts.

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