About Us

Welcome to HamptonFC, a recreational football club whose site focuses on all things football, from information about events to training tips and sessions, we hope you will find this site useful!

Here at HFC, we place a strong focus on skill development and the athletic lifestyle, ultimately providing information that is useful to both football and everyday life. With training tips specific to football, cross-training tips, nutrition advice, we have the basics to get you started. We will also be planning some seminars and training sessions at the local pitch in London as we progress with our development.

In the summer, we typically provide one practice session per week, with the number of groups being based on interest. We generally try and categorize into age groups, which provides the extra benefit of more one-on-one time with a coach or trainer (multiple on board). We also organize an intramural match once a week in the summer, and later in the summer we enter a couple tournaments.

The winter is less busy for our club, but we still provide indoor and outdoor training session a few times a month, and we try and maintain at least a monthly participation in the local intramural league to stay on top of things. The winter is generally when we do most of our seminars and other classroom-style training, as we find it’s a great way to prepare for the upcoming summer season.

If you have any questions about our club, training sessions, or seminars, please feel free to contact us!