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When is the optimal time for football players to take protein powder?

Football is a sport that requires a lot of energy input.  Running, dribbling, falling, getting back up, running again;  it is all there.  During this [...]

Facial Injuries in Football

In the sport of football, players don’t wear a lot of protection. A player’s face, although not directly involved in the sport, is very vulnerable to [...]

Foam-rolling for Footballers

You are committed to leaving it all on the pitch.  You get ready to put up your best efforts and deliver it all.  This type of commitment is what separates [...]

Why Footballers supplement Organic Sulfur into their diet

It is well known now that Organic Sulphur is an important compound  in the human body, especially for athletes.  It is found in many foods such as poultry, [...]

Upper Body Strengthening for Football

One question we often hear is what we think about upper body strengthening programs for football players. The short answer is we’re all for it and [...]

Tips for Cooling Down

Importance of the Cool Down Our previous warm up article discussed the importance of getting the blood flowing and stretching before playing football, or [...]

Tips for Warming Up

Importance of a Warmup   Warming up before a football practice or match is crucial for preventing injuries, preparing your body for the task at [...]